Solemn Hollow

This is My Happy Place, this is where a part of my heart will always be.

My kids ran, played, explored, fished and hunted on this 47 acres on Lake Hudson for eleven years, Two of them came straight from the hospital to call this home.

They learned so much about life and life lessons from the great outdoors here and acquired a love for nature.

This is Spavinaw Creek, the town of Spavinaw Oklahoma is a short drive and is the Birthplace of Mickey Mantle.

Following the Trail of Tears (1839) Eastern Cherokees began arriving in the area. Before the lake was made, they say along the original creek bed that runs next to these bluffs was an Indian Village.

When they would let the water down to make repairs we would find Arrowheads and various artifacts left behind by the Native Americans.

I’ve always found this area to be very beautiful & peaceful, I call it my little piece of heaven.

I have a waterfront subdivision that I developed when I was thirty and named it for the Hollow that runs through it.  Solemn Hollow  Such an appropriate name!

Also I still have a waterfront lot and hope to live there again someday in hopes my kids and future grandchildren can enjoy it and make new memories.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Solemn Hollow

  1. Dana Whorton Larkin

    This is beautiful land Deanna. Is the acreage already all developed or do you have waterfront property for sale? My husband and I just recently bought a motor home and plan on spending most of our weekends at the lake. We typically go to Beaver lake but we are open to go into Oklahoma. We would love to eventually buy some waterfront property so that we would always have a place to go. Love your pictures and so wonderful you have this land for your family to share and make memories!

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    1. Thank you Dana! It is all developed, At this time there is nothing available, but may be in the future.. I am so excited for you, the motor home idea sounds amazing! If you ever want to come here Trisha Banfield’s mom owns a park right next to my development. It is very peaceful! Kanella camped there with her motor home and loved it! Let me know and I’ll get the info to you. I would love to come visit!!


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