Colorado ~ Fall Adventure 9.2.17 Part III Royal Gorge

This bucket list trip was an impromptu 4 day adventure over Labor Day weekend. The main purpose of the trip was white water rafting, then to fit in all the things we wanted to see and do after that.

We stayed in Canon City, Colorado the first night, it was a 7 mile drive up to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park.

Before we went into the park we drove up to the campsite to take a look, the view was breathtaking! I could definitely feel God’s presence as I always do when I’m in the mountains. It makes you realize how small we really are in the scheme of things.

We dove up a little further to see the view of the Royal Gorge & Bridge. I had to hike a short distance to get close to the edge to get the picture I wanted, I’m am NOT a fan of heights but I couldn’t resist!

The picture below shows how close I had to get, to see the full gorge without any obstructions.

You can see the Gondolas crossing too!

I was in awe of the beauty all around me, It seemed like I couldn’t take it all in and photos definitely don’t do it justice!

We made our way to the bridge, the Arkansas River has carved a canyon out of the red granite for millions of years.

It is only 40 – 50 foot wide but it towers over 1,000 feet. The Arkansas is one of the longest rivers in the US.

This is a replica of the water clock that kept time for 30 years before the Royal Gorge Fire.

View of the far side, they had a band playing 🎶

Wooden slats cover the bridge, the crossing wasn’t scary like I imagined it would be. It was a little nerve racking when the car came across it though. Flags from all states line the bridge on each side.

Oklahoma is OK

Zip lines looked scary! Wish I would have done that!

We did ride the gondolas though!

See the Royal Gorge!!

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